Hey, I’m Yassine, a full stack web developer.

Passionate computer science engineer, and a UTT graduate, I have 3 years of experience in web development. Pragmatic & creative, I carried out various projects with teamwork and autonomy.

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My Pro Skills

Web development

Passionate about web development, whether it is improving on my skills or learning the newest and trending frameworks.

Design Thinking

Adopting design thinking processes allows me to improve the quality of my creations and get more creative.

Project Management

Being an engineer specialized in Software Project Management, I can lead & contribute to a project in the technical aspect.

Featured Projects


A game built to test your knowledge on Marvel Comics characters.

Marvel Jarvig Logo

HTML / CSS, React (es6) / Redux, Styled-Components, CRA, Marvel Comics API, Jest, ESLint, Travis CI


React Timer Machine

A fully controllable and customizable timer component for React

React Timer Machine Library Preview

React, Rollup, Travis CI (NPM and github-pages deployment), ESLint, commitlint

See example

Atlantis CMS

A Crisis Management System web app to monitor crisis situations in Singapore.

Atlantis CMS Logo

Symfony (PHP / Twig), Bootstrap (HTML / CSS / JS), MySQL

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